Migungani preschool


Our next stop (after the tree lunch where we were visited by a group of 4 Maasai young men out herding their goats), was the Migungani preschool.  I had been looking forward to this visit for quite some time as our friends, the Clowers and Grace Stewart had visited in 2010.  I remembered their shots of Ellen Playing Duck-Duck-Goose in the dirt in front of the school.  Asante Africa Foundation had built the school and the outhouses and supported the community in providing food for theyoungsters.  We are now transitioning the responsibility of sustaining the school to the local community.  This can be very tricky and is being worked by our Tanzania team.


If you are going to a preschool – prepare to sit on the floor!



Also this was the coveted opportunity to shake hands with Barack Obama.  One of the little preschoolers was named after the President five years ago.  I’m not sure the little guy has any idea why he is so popular (he’s actually quite shy), but I got my photo op and checked off my “Shake Hands with Obama” item on my bucket list!

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The teachers were very nice but clearly understaffed and undersupplied.  They are working in the best facility I’ve seen so far this far from “civilization.”  We shot some photos and hung around with the kids as they prepared to walk home from school.


We shared my brother’s Smarties with them (it was my brother’s birthday and I gave his present to the kids instead of him).





Only one little boy in the class had any paper or pencil.  I’m not sure if he was special but he sure was cute!




It really was a nice relaxing visit with the friendliest people on earth.