Sunday in Nairobi – this is going to be GREAT!

I’m up at 8:30 am listening to Heward knock on the door of someone’s room (room 201).  I’m in room 210…moved last night into a bigger room with a double bed.  I did manage to get a couple of hours sleep.  I made it down to my first African breakfast consisting of Fried Chicken gizzards, eggs, fruit and toast.  I have a lot to learn here.  My Mom used to make fried chicken livers and gizzards.  I recall passing on that.


It sounds like Heward and Ellie got a lot done in their week in Kenya.  Apart from an encounter with a student protest in Narak, things went pretty well.  The driver last night (David) called Heward “the perfect man”.  When I relayed that to Heward this morning he wandered if they meant “Perfect man” (a good thing) or “Prefectionist” (not always so good.).  If they are cutting in on my worship of Heward they better be careful.


After my shower, shave and a bit of rest, I’m feeling like I might already be in Africa time.  We’ll see tonight if I’ve made the 10 hour switch.  Life is good.  It’s 12:07am on Sunday morning back home in California.  10:07am on Sunday here.  Without a watch it will be hard to keep time…maybe that’s why the Swiss invented the watch…huh…it messes up my vibrato.


Elley and I ran a quick trip to the grocery just down from our Nairobi hotel to buy water (and Pringles) for the 6 hour bus trip to Arusha.  It almost resembled a small grocery in the US (except the eggs were not stored in the refrigerator section).  Bought some water and a soccer ball for a school in Tanzania (which one is TBD – I think they all need one.).


Elley showed me a quick pilot video that she put together from their shoots to date in Kenya and it brought me to tears. The subject matter, the lighting, the camera work, the people were out of the world.  If this is any sign of how great this project will go (and it is), it’s going to exceed everyone’s expectations.


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