July 20, 2013: Europe:

Europe always excites me (even if I’m just in the Frankfort airport).  The age of the place makes me think.  Europe is again the world’s melting pot.  Just like our ancestors interbred with the Neanderthals, Europe attracts people from all over the world and mixes them together.  Out comes a blended culture that continues to evolve.  We even have a Pope now from Latin America (I never thought that would happen growing up in the era of Italian Popes and Pope jokes). 


As expected, Frankfort airport strikes again.  I missed my flight to Addis Ababa by about 5 minutes.  I also realize that even if I had made the flight, my bags were unlikely to make the connection and I’d really not like to be chasing my bags all across Africa.  I did a trial run last weekend on a trip to Cincinnati through Houston and my bags failed to make the connection…lesson learned.  I now have everything I cannot do without in my carry on.  Everything I can afford to lose I checked…makes me wonder if I packed light enough.


I worked my way through the German guard dogs in the Lufthansa support center and they rebooked me through Istanbul Turkey with a net delay in arrival in Nairobi of only about an hour.  We’ll see if my bags make the transitions from United to Lufthansa to Turkish Airlines all the way to Nairobi.  I’m betting I’ll struggle connecting to my luggage…One never knows but it’s a good bet.


Also of note is the changing nature of the traveler.  Istanbul travelers have a very Mediterranean look.  Beautiful skin and eyes.  I feel very isolated in Suburban California (maybe not as isolated as growing up in Suburban Cincinnati.)  The diversity of people, cultures, food and beauty is something to remember.  Life is good.  (First time in Turkey!!!)


I have now thrown out 4 perfectly good (and full) water bottles going through security for the 3rd time.  You would think I might learn. – no… I’ll struggle through without water for a while…(1st world problem (1WP)).


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